Get Britain Working

Our vision is to address the UK's labour market challenge by establishing an employment 'bridge' between the country's unemployed and its unfilled frontline vacancies: creating economic and social value at a national level; securing futures at an individual level.


How Does it Work?

  • Employers share key information about the vacancy.
  • Employer vacancies are uploaded into the #GetBritainWorking booking system.
  • Interview slots are also uploaded to the system.
  • Suitable vacancies are shown to work ready job seekers based on key information they share with us.
  • The jobseeker books their interview slot and is sent reminder notifications before the date.
  • The jobseeker attends the interview and is offered the role!
  • The #GetBritainWorking team hide all the wiring, manage all the admin behind the scenes and make it simple and easy for businesses to recruit at scale.

#GetBritainWorking enables employers to recruit in a socially responsible way and supports the Government's 'Building Back Better' initiative. Email our employer engagement team today to sign up.