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#GetBritainWorking, powered by Staffline Recruitment and PeoplePlus provides the quickest, easiest way to search thousands of job vacancies and book directly onto guaranteed available interview slots.

We have vacancies across the whole of the UK across multiple industries with thousands of employers. It's so easy, simply search for jobs that interest you based on postcode and industry, choose one that's right for you and book your interview slot.

We have over 25,000 guaranteed interview slots every week! We'll send you handy reminders and give you feedback on how you did - all using our digital platform.


About Us

There are 1.7 million people who are currently unemployed or looking for work and there are 2 million job vacancies. #GetBritainWorking has been set up to try and help solve this problem and is powered by Staffline Recruitment the UK's largest recruitment company and PeoplePlus one of the UK's leading employability and training providers. #GetBritainWorking is a simple and quick way to match job seekers with guaranteed interviews and training to help them get into a job, a better job or a career.

Our Background

We specialise in large-scale recruitment, providing teams to help businesses succeed.

  • Our services support a range of industries including food production, logistics, transport, manufacturing, automotive, security, construction, retail and hospitality sectors.
  • We find work for over 60,000 people each day.
  • Through our online learning platform we have delivered over 300,000 courses worldwide to 100,000 people.


We welcome employers across the whole of the UK, of any size and sector to join us to #GetBritainWorking. There is no charge to employers to sign up.


Our Jobs

We've got thousands of vacancies waiting to be filled all over the UK. It's quick and easy - simply search by postcode, sector and employer. From warehousing and construction to hospitality and retail; we've got something for everyone.


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Employers who are recruiting now

Here are just some of the employers we are working with who have vacancies and interview slots waiting to be filled.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are the vacancies with?

We've got thousands of employers all over the UK.

I need some training before I can start work

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